Awakening the Inner Shaman

Join us for an experiential journey into the way of the shaman. This training is for those who want to connect with their ‘Inner Shaman’ and are ready to explore NOR (non-ordinary reality). Participants will learn 3 ways to enter the shamanic-state-of-consciousness. They will experience a variety of shamanic healing modalities. There will be opportunities to work individually, in dyads and to experience large group rituals. Upon completion of this training you will have a deeper understanding of shamanism and how to bring it into your way of being. Due to the deep nature of the work we will be doing it is highly recommended that you be a ISTA – International School of Temple Arts Level 1 graduate or have experience in comparable spiritual work and/or personal development.

Awakening the Inner Shaman is a residential workshop, being held just north of Albany New York, at the beautiful Easton Mountain Retreat.