ISTA Tribal Gathering

Join us for the 3nd annual ISTA North American Tribal Gathering! This is a sacred offering to deepen and strengthen connections within our tribe. The Gathering is open to all ISTA graduates of any level. If you have not done Level 1 yet there are plenty of opportunities, beginning with the ISTA SSSEX Level 1 being offered right before the Tribal Gathering from May 6 – 12, 2022 – visit ISTA Level 1 Darlington or other Level 1 trainings held worldwide at ISTA Life Website

The Gathering is a time to connect and strengthen the ISTA community, and build links between empowered and awakened people.

We offer: Powerful and sexy daily ISTA-related workshops, and plenty of open time for play, relaxation, and integration from the ISTA Level 1 the week before.

The Gathering follows the ISTA SSSEX Level 1 Training at the same venue, so this is a great opportunity to deep dive into the ISTA Experience and deepen your Tribal Connections.