Tantra For Awakening

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I offer this book to those who recognize that the contemporary American lifestyle is not aligned with the love and freedom they long to experience.  Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that has radically transformed how I experience reality. Through the practice of Tantra, I have been able to let go of the compulsive habit of doing and discover the conscious art of being.

This book is a collection of articles I have written over the past thirteen years. These articles are intended to introduce you to the subject of Tantra in a format that is gentle, relevant and accessible. Tantra is designed to be practiced in the midst of the joys and challenges of daily living. The practices focus of Present-Moment Awareness and embodied experience.  The majority of chapters in this book offer practices designed to help you be more present, open and available as you move through the activities of daily living.

Because humans are conditioned by our past, we tend to function habitually in ways that may not serve us. In order to begin to awaken and transform our reality, we need to practice. Practice requires consistency, patience and compassion. This book is only an introduction to what Tantra has to offer to you. I hope it inspires you to begin a lifelong journey of making love with life in every moment.


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