Bask in the Emptiness of No-Self

We limit our experience when we believe we are this name and form. Take a moment and see beyond what we call “the self.” Recognize Truth shining through all forms. Know you are this Truth. Bask in the Emptiness.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and completely let go of the notion of “You.” Allow pure awareness to arise, without a self who sees. What do you discover?

On the new moon I went for a late night drive with a friend in his convertible. I wanted to go star gazing. We drove into the country and stopped in a place without ant lights for several miles. The stars were magnetic. I looked up and the stars glowed. My perception shifted and suddenly there was no me. There was only Awareness looking up at the stars. There was so much freedom in letting go of the me. While I have been practicing self-inquiry and meditation for sometime this tasted so pure. Since then I have been practicing letting go of me and just being Awareness. It is a powerful experience of being free.

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