Be a Pleasure Artist

Experiencing pleasure on a daily basis is important to your health. Pleasure has many benefits. It helps you release tension, clear your mind and elevate your mood. When you experience pleasure, you brain releases hormones called endorphins that make you feel good. These hormones create a mild euphoria that has a positive effect on your entire body-mind. Pleasure does not mean over indulging. While eating one piece of chocolate cake may be pleasurable, eating three pieces could make you feel sick. When it stops feeling good then it is no longer pleasure.Integrating pleasure into your life will help you feel healthier and give you an over-all sense of well being.

4 Keys to Being a Pleasure Artist

1) Make pleasure a daily practice. Recognize its value and create space for it in your life.

2) Practice being present, rather than being lost in thoughts of past and future. Take presence breaks throughout the day, connect with your breath, and become aware of your body. Let go of thinking and be aware of the moment. Pleasure can only be experienced in the Now.

3) Heighten you sensory awareness. Pleasure is experienced through the senses. One way to discover more about how you perceive pleasure is by inviting some friends over and creating a sensory awareness ritual together. It s fun to do this blind folded as this heightens the other senses.

4) Pleasure is an art. Learn what gives you pleasure sexually. One of the best ways to do this is to self pleasure without a goal. Instead of being focused on achieving an orgasm, explore what gives you pleasure and see how much pleasure you can contain, allow your capacity for pleasure to grow. It is also fun to do this with your beloved watching, then he/she can learn new ways to make you feel good.
(c)Copyright by Crystal Dawn Morris 2009

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