Conscious Breathing

An important aspect of Tantra is the practice of presence. A gentle way to begin being more present is to allow yourself to notice your breath several times a day. Instead of “doing” a formal practice, you just become aware of the breath, as it is, for 10-20 seconds and then go back to your usual state of awareness.

Let this awareness of your breath to happen several times a day. Begin by noticing it 4 times a day and then gradually increase it to 4 times an hour. As you become aware of the breath you will notice it naturally becomes more calm and deep. This practice comes from Danial Odier’s, Desire the Tantric Path to Awakening. In it he recommends several types of short practices, he calls micro-practices. He suggests they are a natural way to begin bringing Tantra into daily life, rather than trying to force a longer practice, such as a prolonged sitting mediation. I have found that these micro-practices are very helpful in bringing increased awareness into every aspect of my life.

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