Facing Fear, Finding Freedom

Fear is a monster that can eat us alive. As long as we run from it, hid from it or deny it, fear controls us. Once we turn and face our fear and feel it fully, it quickly loses its power and dissipates like smoke. We discover that our nightmare was just that, a bad dream. By waking up, we see that fear is our mind creating demons from thoughts of past and future. By choosing to face our fears and tell the truth about our situation we arrive in the present moment and discover freedom is just being in the Now, with an open heart.

Are you ready to face your fear and set yourself free? Stop, turn and face the demon that has been chasing you. Look it in the eye and see the truth of the situation. Accept what is so and allow yourself to let go. Enter the spaciousness of this moment and see what you notice?

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

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