Pain, the Friend We Don’t Appreciate

When pain arises, we just want it to stop. Why this? Why me? Why now? I don’t deserve this pain. Go away! If it is physical we often take drugs to make stop. If it is emotional we may stuff it away, deny it or numb out in a variety of ways. Rarely do we embrace it as a friend. Pain is just not appreciated.

When we are in great pain it may completely overwhelm us. There is nothing but the pain. It feels like it will never end. We become victims of our pain. Pain is this thing, outside of us, causing us harm.

Pain is not separate from who we are. Pain is a messenger we send to ourselves to communicate that something is not flowing, is out of alignment, and needs to shift so our energy can flow. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Pain is here to help; its purpose is to wake us up. What would happen if we saw pain as helpful friend? Instead of trying to get rid of it, we could greet it at the door and invite it in for tea. We could sit with it, listen to it and love it for showing up and sharing its truth with us.

My own experience with pain has been that when I push it away, it only gets more demanding. When I turn to face it and listen to what it as to say I can embrace it. Then I open, and then there is a shift that changes my whole perspective. I am not a victim anymore. Pain is my ally. We share a common desire, which is to be present, integrated and whole.

The next time you are in pain, instead of pushing it away. Face it and approach it as a friend. Ask questions. Listen deeply. Discover the gift hidden in the pain. Surrender, open, be present and love yourself.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

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