Say Yes to Life

Tantra says, “Yes! To what is. Yes, to this moment. Yes, to being you, as you are, now.”

When you surrender into this moment and allow everything to be as it is, you become aware that all is one. You’re in the flow, neither resisting what is or grasping after something other than what is, to be happy. Resistance creates suffering, striving after some imagined future, creates suffering. Accepting yourself as you are, this moment as it is, the people around you as they are, life as it is, allows you to relax, open and just be. This is freedom.

Today, notice when you say yes to the moment and when you resist the moment. Experiment with saying yes, even when your habit would be to say no. If you find yourself in heavy traffic instead of cursing, and insisting this is not as it should be. Try accepting that you are in a traffic jam. If that isn’t possible, then accept that you are choosing to be in resistance to what is. Then notice if your resistance is causing suffering. Once you are aware of the suffering, see if you can soften your resistance. See the humor in your situation; laugh at how serious you are being. Try taking a deep breath, as you exhale relax and let go of trying to control the world around you. Notice how it feels to surrender into the moment. See what happens when you let go of resistance.

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

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