Spontaneity and Flow

Children have the ability to be open and in the moment. They are spontaneous without thinking about it. As adults when the impulse to be spontaneous arises there is often a moment of doubt and asking, “Is it all right to be this spontaneous?” Sometimes as adults what we call being spontaneous is our ego acting out to get our attention, such as going on a shopping spree or betting on a football game.

The spontaneity children exhibit is not driven by ego, it comes from being totally present in the moment and trusting the impulses they receive from the field of Awareness. As children become acculturated you can see this connection slowly erode. Yet spontaneity can be reclaimed if we make it a practice.

Tune into the field of Awareness, you may call it Consciousness or Source; it is the stillness at the center of your being. Feel the stillness; it is from this place that spontaneity arises. Stillness is always present and can be accessed at anytime. Spontaneity that arises from this place is often call synchronicity. It is being in the flow of life.

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.
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