“My husband and I attended the Tantra 4 Awakening course this weekend. It was a tremendous experience for us personally and as a couple. Frank, Crystal and Jim were able to create a sacred space where everyone felt not only safe, but comfortable to explore their inner personal workings. The instructions were clear and the music phenomenal. Each exercise we did was enjoyable and fun, touching on our inner child. I personally learned a great deal about myself and healed areas of my life. I thought this course would be mostly about sex, but it wasn’t. It was something much more profound. It was a journey of trust, sharing, learning and expanding. I would highly recommend this course to any couple and to any single person wishing to connect and grow. At the end of the class every single person was changed and had only high high praises of their experience. Thank you !!!!!! ” Feb. 25, 2013 Jennifer Lynn Walker,  Montreal

“Beyond the American misunderstandings of “tantra” is this glorious workshop  of total aliveness–body energy, mental creativity and spiritual openness. Crystal Dawn Morris is a magical facilitator, who orchestrates a profound yet simple set of experiences for enhancing love, joy and connection to humanity and the Divine.”  (Awakening the Ecstatic Body-Opening the Path to Bliss Workshop) Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D, Sedona, AZ

“Crystal Dawn Morris is an extremely gifted guide to the “inner truth” held in each of us.  Crystal enabled, my wife, Kate and I to peel away, with compassion and understanding, the many layers of armor developed over the years and reach deeply to discover our own inner truths. This experience has been very, very valuable to both myself and my wife and has enabled us to discover things about ourselves that may have otherwise remained buried. I have great respect and admiration for Crystal as a truly professional and gifted “healing guide”. Jack Schrader, Southern Arizona

“Crystal Dawn and Jim were amazingly adept at facilitating the ideal environment for learning about Kundalini energy and how to really open up to losing oneself in the vast oneness of the universe. Although I haven’t had time to fully process the emotional and spiritual complexity of my experience, and while it will take me a while to translate it into words that can even approximate the intensity of it, I’ll take a stab at it with an analogy:

I feel like I just had a supercharger installed in my soul that I can easily activate any time I want. I heard Crystal and Jim repeat something several times over the weekend: this ecstasy is only ever a breath away. Wow. Thanks to Crystal and Jim for doing such a phenomenal job of making this experience so accessible and easy. ” Chris M. Flagstaff, AZ

“Crystal Dawn shared a kundalini massage sequence that likely took many inspired “love” hours for her and Gaia to create. Crystal has shown herself over the years to be a dedicated tantrika, generously sharing from her heart. I connect with her shamanic background, and see Crystal Dawn as an Earth Mama Angel. I feel fortunate to have her in our small worldwide Tantric community! “ Traci Phoenix, AZ

“Crystal sets up a unique atmosphere of comfort, movement, and openness in the room, as well as with all participants.  I felt lots of shifts and changes as I moved forward on all techniques, even the ones I wasn’t sure about.  As a healer and trained therapist, I enjoyed seeing and knowing that Crystal  incorporates techniques which help people move forward and past issues they are currently dealing with. I enjoyed the entire time, it went by so fast, and I have benefited in all areas of my life since the seminar.  I look forward to the upcoming events as well.”  Amy Yelk, RN Phoenix, AZ

“I’d like to make a comment about the awesome workshop I attended during the Valentine’s weekend in Sedona … It was the best Tantra workshop I have been at for long time. The workshop explored several aspects of Tantra: from the general Tantra concept of being totally ‘focused’ in the present moment when connecting to the partner and with the self (yin/yang sides), to practical, beautiful Tantra practices (e.g., awakening of the senses, heart dance)… as well as the free expression through dance as part of the Sky Dancing Tantra approach. I highly recommend Crystal’s workshops. It really felt like going to a ‘different level’ in my Tantra experience.”  Siglia, San Diego, CA

“I have been practicing and assisting at Tantra workshops since 1994. After working with many teachers, some world renowned, around the US and in India I am delighted to say that it is a privilege to experience the quality, expertise and depth of Crystal Dawn’s Tantra for Awakening. Her dedication to pleasurable learning and to truly being present in the moment is an experience not to me missed. Where else can pleasure happen but in the moment? She is fresh, extremely knowledgeable and full of Tantric energy”. CK, Sedona, AZ

“Thank you for having this class… my life has changed immensely… I am now engaged to a wonderful man and we are practicing all you taught. Thank you very much. I made wonderful friends in the class and learned a lot and opened up a lot. Please keep up the good work.” Linda M. Sedona, AZ

“I love the safety and clarity offered by the practice of saying “Namaste”, creating the bubble and then stating one’s intentions, fears, and boundaries. I am now using this wonderful container with my U4U Wellness Clients. Awesome. Thank you.” Marianna Hartsong, Sedona, Arizona

“I found this experience to be overwhelmingly peaceful, safe and alive. Thank you for your professionalism and assistance in the healing process.”  V.S. Sedona, AZ

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