The Power of Taste

The mouth is an organ of pleasure. Imagine rich, dark chocolate melting on the tongue, licking a coffee Haagen-Dazs ice cream cone, biting into the flesh a warm, juicy peach, or sipping a hot, dark cup of espresso. Just thinking about food makes your mouth wet and the stomach to growl.

Food is a big source of pleasure for most people. But food isn’t the only thing we taste. How about the taste of a first kiss? Licking the skin of your beloved and savoring their unique flavor while sucking on their ear lobes and other delicate places. Taste is a delightfully erotic sense.

Try this: today allow yourself to taste everything as if for the first time. Try eating something new that you have never tasted before. Savory every bite let your whole essence taste whatever crosses your lips. Let your lover blindfold you and feed you with their lips. See how much pleasure you can experience, try eating in new things, in new ways. Enjoy, life is sweet!

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.


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