The Self-Love Inventory

The world is a reflection of your own inner landscape. If you want to create a better world rather than focusing on the problem “out there,” begin by changing what is going on inside of you. The journey begins by accepting all aspects of who you are. How much and how often do you love yourself?

The Self-Love Inventory

How do you love your body? Do you feed it good food? Do you give it enough exercise? Do you touch it in pleasurable ways? Do you wear clothes that feel good? Do you appreciate all your body does for you?

Are you kind to your mind? Do you recognize the mind is addicted to thinking? Are you able to witness your thoughts without taking them seriously? Do you meditate and create space between your thoughts? Is your mind at peace or do repetitive critical thoughts haunt you? Do you offer loving words to yourself each day?

Do you appreciate the emotions flowing through you? When emotions arise do you accept and feel them fully? To you find healthy ways to express both positive and negative emotions? Do you deny, judge or put limitations on certain feelings?

How do you honor your Essence? What is your spiritual practice? Do you meditate or pray regularly? Do you have a spiritual community that supports your spiritual life? Do you feel alone in the world? Are you one with Source?

Notice where you limit love and how you can be more generous and loving to yourself. You can’t give to another, what you are unable or unwilling to give to yourself. First fill up your own cup, and then you have plenty of love to give to others.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

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