Three Steps to Inner Peace

Does your life feel like it is going faster and faster? Does it feel like you are being dragged into an undertow of drama; your drama, your kid’s drama, or the economic drama in Washington? How can you be at peace in the midst of chaos?

First, shift your attention from what is going on in the world around you to the space in which these things arise. Can you sense this spaciousness? If not, close your eyes and exhale with a deep sigh, relax and state your intention for inner peace.

Second, imagine a cord of light at the base of your spine; send this cord down through your legs and feet deep into the center of the earth. Imagine there is a tree, rock, crystal or whatever it is for you and tie your grounding cord on to this object; give it a tug to make sure it feels secure. Now, release anything that is preventing you from being fully present in this moment down this grounding cord. Notice how it feels to let go of past and future and arrive in this moment.

Third, allow yourself to become conscious of Awareness. Awareness is spacious, still and peaceful, it is always present and is the emptiness in which life happens. Experience this spaciousness. What do you notice about it? Even if you only feel it for brief moments throughout your day, these moments of peace, when brought into conscious awareness can gradually be extended. Eventually you discover that inner peace is possible when you follow these 3 steps; 1) relax and state your intention for inner peace, 2) ground your energy and release past and future, and 3) allow yourself to experience spacious Awareness.

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.


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